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Safely to School: Sandown Primary School petition

Following requests from parents, teachers and pupils at schools across Hastings & Rye, Sarah Owen and local parents have launched their Safely to School campaign to improve all pupils’ chances of getting to and from school safely.

Safely to School SandownSarah Owen said, “I was moved to act when primary school pupils first wrote to me, expressing their concerns about speeding traffic outside schools, but this isn’t just relevant for one or two schools in Hasting and Rother, it’s a problem for all. In the face of cuts to lollipop attendants we need to act before it’s too late. At Sandown Primary School in Ore we are campaigning for a 20mph speed limit, a ‘smart’ puffin crossing and safer railings. There should be no price on a child’s safety.”

Mark Roberts, has 3 children at Sandown and has been working with the school, its pupils and the local community to write a comprehensive safety improvement report on the crossing and believes that action is needed now. He said, “The zebra crossing at Sandown School is an accident waiting to happen. My children have had near misses and I know they are not alone. With ever increasing traffic and the Bexhill-Hastings link road coming, investing in our children’s safety should be top priority. I hope that the combination of my report and ongoing work, the petition put together by local councillors and Sarah Owen will convince the County to act before it’s too late.”

Download report

Sandown safety improvement report

Written by Sandown parent Mark Roberts

Sandown’s head teacher Charlie Lindsay backs the campaign. Mr Lindsay said, “Drivers get impatient in the morning and afternoon waiting in queues at the current zebra crossing. I fully support our parents and local politicians in campaigning for these improvements; they are long-overdue.”

Labour county councillor Michael Wincott also has two children at the school and believes that safety upgrades are necessary before the Bexhill-Hastings link road increases the amount of traffic along The Ridge. He said, More traffic equals more risk for our children. I’ve seen cars drive straight through when pupils are crossing and it will only get worse. The County Council have a duty to prevent accidents and I will be fighting to get these proposals through. The proposed upgrades are reasonable, well-researched and not prohibitively expensive.”

The team intend to roll out the Safely to School campaign to other schools in Hastings and Rother, with pledges of support already received from scores of teachers and teaching assistants, businesses and local councillors.

Parents, grandparents, guardians and local residents are being urged to sign a petition calling for the changes at Sandown which will be presented to the chairman of East Sussex County Council in the new year. You can sign below.


The zebra crossing outside Sandown Primary School is incredibly dangerous for children and adults. There have been too many near-misses and the traffic will get worse when the Bexhill-Hastings link road is completed.We the undersigned believe that school children should be enabled to get Safely to School with the following measures:

  • a) REDUCE the speed limit outside the school to 20mph and include School Zone warning signs,
  • b) UPGRADE the zebra crossing to a Smart Puffin crossing, allowing safer crossing and reducing traffic congestion,
  • c) EXTEND the existing safety rails.

Safely to School: Sandown Primary School petition

This petition is now closed.

End date: Apr 10, 2014

Signatures collected: 123

123 signatures

Latest Signatures
123june culzacbattleIts about time something is done.
122Rose MaitlandHastings
121Julie RichfordHastings
120richard readhastings the crossing is very dangerious
119Laura WrightSt Leonard's on Sea
118Anna SturdeyBexhill On Sea
117Marie WillettLeicester
116Gillian DearmanHastings
115Sasha RichfordHastings
114Janet JupeEast SussexThe road safety of all the students at Sandown Primary is paramount.
113sally cookleicester speed limit shouldn't exceed 20mph outside all schools in Britain!
112charlotte beatonhastings
111Cheryl Cox
110Colin Fitzgerald
109Siew OwenHastings
108Gary OsbornHastings
107John OsbornHastings
106Rosemary OsbornHastingsPolice should also monitor parking on yellow lines adjacent to the school entrance
105Peter GordonHastings
104Ian PhillipsSt.Leonards on SeaSafety for young schoolchildren should be paramount and No.1 on any agenda.
103Isabel Owen
102William RichfordHastings
101Nicholas MillerHastingsSpeeding is endemic on our roads and should be better controlled, especially near schools. The petition makes reasonable demands.
100Gill LevettHastingsToo many cars continue across the current zebra crossing putting children at risk
99maureen cooperthis is long overdue ; it`s amazing that an accident hasn`t happened
98Monika Peel My daughter goes to this school and I really would rather the children be safe.
97Nicholas RochfordHastings
96Ann FordHastings
95Pablo JadresicHastings
94John WilsonHastingsWe should look after our children, they are the future of Hastings.
93PATRICIA FENNHastingsThis is highly needed for the safety of all children
92Shiva Serati
91Elizabeth SargentHastings
90Roberta JolyHastings
89Dan Pothecary-SmithHastings
87peter cirkethastingsit needs a puffin crossing as the road is very busy at school times cars dont stop and it will only get worse when the new bypass is up and runnibg , it also needs the railings to be exstented on both sides and better road markings, and also new school sign up and down the ridge and maybe a new 20 mph speed limit by the school
86Nigel SindenSt Leonards-on-seaWell done.
85Janet MearsWinchelsea
84tania charmanst leonards on seasimple measures to ensure childrens safety, this is a small request.
83peter KnightSt Leonards On Sea
82anne whiting
81Louise CarlyleSt Leonard's on SeaI support this campaign
80Mike HowardSt Leonards on Sea
79Michael FosterSt Leonard's on sea
78paul barnettsame needs doing outside The Bridge on Priory Road where vehicles speed away from the speed camera two hundred yards away, and are at their fastest just outside this important family centre used extensively by parents and under fives.
77Dominic SabetianHastings
75Georgiana de LussySt Leonards on seaChildrens' safety is paramount and The Ridge is a fast road and it is disgraceful the we are petitioning for something which should already have been implemented years ago
74Paul BarlowSt Leonards

Main photo shows [L to R] Charlie Lindsay (Headteacher, Sandown Primary School), Cllr Richard Street (Ore, HBC), Mark Roberts (Parent), Sarah Owen (Labour candidate for MP) and Cllr Michael Wincott (Ore, ESCC) with Sandown Primary School children.The zebra crossing outside Sandown Primary School is incredibly dangerous for children and adults. There have been too many near-misses and the traffic will get worse when the Bexhill-Hastings link road is completed.