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Save Rye Sports Centre

Posted: 13 January 2015 at 2:38 pm in News

Sarah with campaigners

Sarah with campaigners

Sarah Owen has joined with local activists to save Rye Sports centre, following discussions at Conservative-controlled Rother District Council that could result in £178,000 of subsidy being withdrawn. Without the subsidy the centre would need to cut back on hours, close part of its services (such as the pool) or close altogether.

Options being examined by the council include encouraging other providers, such as Rye Academy to take-on part of the service, although this could involve the centre’s services being broken up or the pool being closed.

Before the centre opened, local community activists fundraised under the name of ‘Rye Swimming Pool Association’, putting over £30,000 into the build.

Former Rye Swimming Pool Association member Steve Blattman said,

“We spent years campaigning for this centre and I find it bizarre that Rother District Council want to withdraw funding for it. If they pull out it will be disastrous for our community. I question the priorities on where money is spent. You see massive levels of investment in other parts of Rother – we do seem to be the poor relation of Bexhill. We all benefit from its continued use and support – the positive health benefits have a knock-on to the NHS and Social Care. The Council need to think again.”

Sarah Owen said,

“Swimmers of all ages have expressed their fears over the future of the pool. I am saddened that Rother District Council has not sought to involve local people in this decision – especially those who raised so much money for it – and urge them to let people in Rye have their say.

Questions need to be asked of the Conservatives in charge at Rother as to why people in Rye could face losing their pool when investment is available elsewhere? I for one will be doing what I can to prevent the closure of any service at the centre.”

Sarah has set up a petition for people to sign below. Please show your support by signing.

Rother District Council outline their proposals (click to read the full council report)


We the undersigned call on Rother District Council to start discussions with local people in and around Rye on the future of the Sports Centre and to do everything possible to protect the centre and its service to local people.

Save Rye Sports Centre

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jun 19, 2015

Signatures collected: 171

171 signatures

Latest Signatures
171Colin KnightUdimorePlease do not do this. We need the facility as part of our health and fitness strategy.
170Dr. Gary McKaySo, the government complains about the health of its citizens, yet closes or sells off assets paid for by WE the people. Far time for Rye to regain control of its own affairs and give the Bexhill troika the boot.
169Tim BrownRyeIt would be a great disservice to the town of Rye to close the Sports Center. The reason we pay such high taxes and council tax is to ensure our children can continue to do sports, learn to swim etc. I strongly oppose the closing of the center
168Claudia BrownRyeLooking for an area within commutable distance from London we settled on Rye and have only recently moved in to the area. One of the biggest draws to the town was the sport center for me and swimming my kids to use. We use the center nearly every day and would be devastated if it closes
167Susan McGrathRyePeople come from miles around to use the pool which was built with various community, lottery and tax funds.
166Ian IgglesdenPlayden
165Peter, Lesley & Matthew KennedyNorthiam
164sheila goldsmithryel think it is so so bad that in this climate when we are all told to get fit and healthy, that the council are withdrawing the essential funding, l use the pool 3 times a week,l am disabled , it is the only activity can do. The council will be failing us in our time of need.
163Kathy StewartSt Leonards
162Philip MallenRye
161Kevin lloydRyeprotect the sports centre we lost are stree lights we dont want to loose our sports centre
160Amy LoweHastingsWe love this pool, swimming is such an important skill to learn, even more so when you live by the sea, it will be a terrible shame to lose it.
159Louise Carlylest Leinards on Sea
158Andrew RobeySt LeonardsA vital facility that must be kept open to all
157Trevorlane Lane1HASTINGSt
156Elizabeth TookeSt Leonard's on seathis swimming pool is one of the best in East Sussex it is a nice size pool and is kept extremely clean, lots of people that work in hotels use this facility on split shifts, it gives tourists with children something to do on a rainy day and it has excellent disabled facilities to get into the pool
155wayne noviswinchelsea beachI use the squash court, keep the squash court open - do not turn it into yet another dance studio. My daughter uses the swimming pool along with many other people in the area, in the day & age of promoting keeping fitter & healthier to relieve the burdern on the NHS - this goes against this ethos.
154Samantha GardnerThese leisure centres are so important for the local community. Don't take away a valued local community centre which will have an impact on jobs and amenities for the locals in the town. Rye has so much to offer, a beautiful port town with alot of charracter, but like many coastal towns it has it's struggles financially. It needs a boost, not another hinderance!
153Jo MasonBeckleyMy kids swim there, my son plays football, I play netball . There isn't much for youngsters to do in the local area. It must not close!
152Sandi BainRyeThe swimming pool is a positive asset for the town, we would not be able to use other pools if it was closed and as I am getting old, a weekly swim is a core part of our fitness strategy. We are already restricted when we can use the pool because of the opening hours.
151Zena BrookerRyeHow dare the council remove their funding from this excellent facility. RYE NEEDS OUR LEISURE CENTRE.
150Nina TruckelCamber, RyeEverybody from young to old use these facilities, it's local and accessible from all types of transport, young children can learn to swim here and parents can relax and socialize, adults can exercise and attend the gym or the activities laid on. I, who learned to swim here, will sadly miss being able to go to the rye sports centre, as I'm wanting to take swimming up again
149sarah EgglestonryeI use the centre most day, it would be terrible to lose
148Annie smithplaydenas a member I no nothing about closure !
147Kristina ClodeRyePlease consult with the locals on this, it is their sports centre just as much as the council's! The council should be acting with local residents not against them!
146Barry GoodsellRye
145Beccy KingFairlight
144Nicola hillrye
143Nathan huet
142Pam ShallcrassSt Leonards on SeaPlease keep this open.
141Jackie LangleyBexhill-on-Sea
140Emily Woollett
139Cheryl Chester RyeRye people need to be taken into consideration and consulted.
138Jillian MowerRye
137Jason Drummond
136Caroline Drummond
135Jason CraddockRye
134Joanna barrypett
133Amy KettRye
132Dominique ivilfairlightrye leisure centre provides facilities for rural people who may not be able to access other facilities which willl aid their long term health and well being
131Rose HarrisThree Oaks
130Judy HargraveRye
129Roy stocksrye
128Catherine JoblingRyeIf rother must cut their support can the local parishes raise their precept to make up the shortfall. This local facility is a fantastic resource. I am willing to pay more precept to keep the polol open.
127sophie clarkrye
126Sheila Fellows-TurnbullFairlightI thought HMG was trying to encourage a healthier lifestyle
125Louisa Jennings Rye We need this sports center open. There is little for the children to do already and i personally use the swimming pool to help my arthritis.
124Elizabeth BuchnerPeasmarshThe town of Rye and the surrounding villages need to have this facility saved as it used by the people and the school for not just swimming but for keep fit classes
123mandy ashendenfairlightOver the last few months my daughter and I have been using the pool every week , please don't take away this valued facility. We love it!!!
122Karen pain Icklesham