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Inspection Report Criticises Conquest Hospital and ESHT

Posted: 27 March 2015 at 2:40 pm in News  •  0 Comments

We have been waiting six months for the Care Quality Commission’s inspection report into East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which includes Conquest Hospital, and it was finally released today. It was not good news.

Sarah said:

Conquest Hospital

Putting pressure on the Conquest?

“The report judged the trust overall as “inadequate”. Key areas of concern include maternity, outpatients and surgery, with criticism of poor engagement with staff and the community a theme. There were some good areas highlighted, such as medical care and intensive/critical care, but far more negatives than positives, and where they were negative staff shortages and overworked teams were highlighted.

“The report has pointed to some serious concerns, particularly around maternity and surgery that need to be addressed urgently. Maternity had recently been reorganised and we were told that this would improve outcomes.

“Although the good level of care from staff shines through the report, this chronic list of failure is something that health professionals have been warning this government about for ages. Every time Doctors, Nurses or patients have reported that our NHS is in crisis, it has fallen on deaf ears and provoked arrogant dismissals from Conservative MPs like Amber Rudd.

“For the future of our NHS and quality patient care we need the people in charge to get their heads out of the sand. Local healthcare staff deserve good leadership and better funding.

“I worked at the Conquest Hospital as a care assistant, and my mother clocked up 40 years service as a nurse there. The NHS is in my blood and I am committed to fighting for the best for the area.

“Labour has some great proposals. We need to bring together health and social care under one body and together build a National Health and Social Care Service. We will invest £2.5bn into the NHS (from closing tax avoidance, taxing tobacco companies and taxes on properties over £2 million in value) which will provide and train 20,000 more nurses, 5,000 carers, 3,000 midwives and 8,000 doctors – with 1,400 of those doctors coming directly to the South East, where they are desperately needed.

“In addition, if elected I will make meeting with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust a major priority, to ensure that the recommendations of the CQC Report are able to be implemented. I will also fight to ensure that our NHS locally has the resources and support it needs to get it through these difficult times, and will seek to meet with the next Secretary of State for Health to raise these issues.

“We cannot afford to drive out good staff through poor Government funding and poor strategic management, just as we cannot afford an NHS that doesn’t provided the healthcare we need, when we need it.”

Click here to read the report